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Rudderly’s mission is to nourish a world of success and fulfilment, by helping everyone find their purpose and build careers to match.

Image by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz

About us.

Rudderly is a platform created to help thousands of individuals choose their path from amongst the umpteen career options available. We, at Rudderly, believe that everyone is equal and destined for greatness. Our framework is structured to help everyone from students in high school, college students, to working professionals, find the right career paths for themselves. 

With the advent of increased accuracy and precision in all aspects of life, we have adopted AI-based technologies to help individuals make a career decision with the same meticulousness and exactitude that is expected in today’s world.

Our Vision.

We, at Rudderly, strive to answer the most challenging question faced by everyone at some point in their lives – “What career path do I pursue ?”.  Our aim is to help the
individual find the perfect career fit, and to be clear about their choice by engaging with expert and experienced mentors from numerous fields.

Our Approach.

  • Revolutionary Assessment-  We adopt comprehensive assessments to analyze your areas of interest, aptitude, personality and other influencing factors and suggest the perfect career options that are suitable to you.

  • AI Based Recommendation Guide- On the basis of the assessment, our AI based technology carefully curates a list of careers that would be a perfect match for you, which includes the pros and cons and skills required for a particular career.

  • 500+ careers for you to explore- Rudderly gives you an insight into a plethora of careers which are available. You are also free to explore careers you’re curious about beyond the ones curated by us.

  • 1 on 1 mentorship with professionals- Interact and learn from mentors who are well established in the field that you have chosen. Mentors are assigned to you on the basis of similarities in language, Culture etc, to ensure easier rapport- building between the mentor and mentee.

Rudderly is the first AI based career  guidance destination, devised to tackle the most prominent problem of the youth today- that of career indecision. This is said to take make up more than 50% of profession-related problems. We aim to intercept the detrimental effect vocational indecision has on an individual’s mental health, beginning from a very young age.

At Rudderly, we use the power of our platform to assess various aspects such as interests, personality, aptitude, family’s occupational background, and Emotional Quotient, thereby, mapping careers back to the person individual. This comprehensive method is contrary to the method taken by what most career counsellors who merely focus on the aptitude of the individual and map them towards careers accordingly. That they feel is suitable for the individual, ignoring several other vital aspects to be taken into consideration before making an informed decision.


At Rudderly, we strive to cover and keep up with the constantly expanding job market and the rise of new professions that are evolving and creating new niches in the market. We ensure we expose our candidates to the latest career options and opportunities towards a fulfilling work life.

Through the journey at Rudderly, we equip each of our members with information, guidance and self-awareness to make a well-informed decision. At the end of this holistic experience, the individual will be rewarded with a certificate of completion under the desired area from their mentor.


We're a passionate, mission-driven team with the vision of shaping the world with dynamic, purposeful young people. 

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