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About the program & why you should become a Mentor

What is the Rudderly Mentorship Program?

Rudderly Mentorship program aims to answer the basic question that hundreds of people face everyday- “What career path should I pursue?” We do this by helping members identify areas of potential interest, then connect them with successful professionals from the field, who guides them through a structured mentorship program.

What is the curriculum or structure of the program?

The carefully created 1-1 Mentorship Pedagogy is structured to: - To build a rapport with the Mentee
- Understand what motivates them & what they want from their careers - Share your journey highlights & struggles
- Give them an overview of your career
- Solving a real-world assignment & more

How much can I earn per Mentorship?

You can choose to charge between 2 pricing options: Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 5,000. Note, 30% will be retained by Rudderly as a revenue share on each booking.

How does Rudderly make money in this?

We'll charge a 30% revenue share on each mentorship booking.

What is the duration of the mentorship program?

Each mentorship is conducted over 2 sessions of 1.5 hour each. All mentorship sessions will be conducted on Zoom video conferencing. After 2 sessions, your mentor obligation with Rudderly (for that spcific mentee) is over. It is up to the mentor’s discretion if they want to provide the mentee with their contact details. Rudderly does not accept any liability for the interaction after the two sessions of mentorship.

How much of time must I commit?

The duration of one mentorship commitment is 3 hours total. How many mentees you want to take on is upto you, it's totally flexible to work with your schedule. If you're extremely busy for a week in the middle, your sessions will not be conducted within that time frame.
In the onboarding form, we ask for your preferred times and days of the week. You will be shown as available only on the days and times you select.

What is the minimum qualification to become a mentor?

The minimum requirement is to have 5 years of work experience.

When will I get paid?

The amount will be credited into your bank account within 14 days of completion of each mentorship program. The money will be credited into the bank account that the mentor provides. The payment will happen only after the completion of both sessions.

What happens to the money if the sessions are not completed?

If the mentee cancels/reschedules the sessions more than twice, the money will not be refunded. If the mentor does so, another mentor will be assigned to the mentee or the money will be refunded by Rudderly. If a mentor consistently fails to make it to their sessions and/or shows disregard for the schedule, Rudderly has the right to remove him/her from the platform.

How many times can the mentor/mentee cancel/reschedule?

We understand that sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise and the mentorship session may have to be rescheduled. Both the mentor and mentee are allowed to reschedule twice. If the mentor reschedules more than that, the mentee will be assigned another mentor or given a refund for their money.

How do I opt out of the mentorship program?

If, for whatever reason, a mentor chooses to opt out of the program, we request them to drop us an email and they will be removed from the platform.

I’d love to join. Now what?

We are delighted to have you on board! The first step would be to fill up the form linked above and someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly. All further communication will be via email.

What if I want to mentor pro-bono?

One of the reasons we charge the members for mentorship is so that they take the sessions seriously and come prepared. If you would like to not receive payment, we have tied up with three NGOs - Urja Trust (Rehabilitating Homeless women), The Last Wilderness (Environment), The Welfare of Stray Dogs (Animal care) - from which you can choose one to donate your payment to. We will send you a donation certificate as proof of contribution.

Pralika Jain

The platform is such a wonderful initiative to ignite curious minds. I wish there was something like this when I was stuck between crossroads on where to go with my career.

Rouhaan Shahpurwala

Nothing in my life prepared me for my first mentorship session at Rudderly. As  a Business Developer, I have spoken at large public conferences on many occasions.  However, a personal, in depth insight was another ball game altogether and one that I wish had been there when I trying to figure my career.

Humaira Ansari

I've enjoyed myself hugely being a Rudderly mentor. It was  an eye opener to engage  with next gen X to hear how they think and what their ambitions are. I enjoyed sharing my experiences as a journalist with my mentee and hope to do so again .


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