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Armed Forces

The Indian Navy is a three dimensional force capable of operating above, on or below the oceans to safeguard the coastal borders of our country. Two operational commands , the Western Naval Command and the Eastern Naval Command and a training command in the south control operations in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. This avenue offers an exciting and rewarding career.

The Indian Army maintains national peace and security by defending the country from external threats and attacks. The seven commands: Eastern, Western, Northern, Central, Southern, South-Western, Training command, take care of the defense needs of the nation. Comprising of Combat Units (including artillery, infantry, and mechanized infantry ), Air Defense, Engineering and IT Units, Army Service Corps (providing medical and other allied services ), and Education Units(training for young recruits and officers), the Army provides ample opportunities to young aspirants.

The Indian Air Force operates from seven commands with different stations and units across the country to provide air safety to the nation. This gives opportunities to pilots, crewmen, and engineers along with other ground staff to play an important part in the defense of the country.

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