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Corporate Communications practitioners have to deal with external public relations at the corporate level by growing brand visibility through industry editors, media workers and journalists. These executives are also involved in internal public relations to grow brand recognition, helping to build integrated products and generating budgets. They build, discover, and implement creative programmes to increase corporate profits and develop value-added ideas for brands.

HRIS Specialist conducts a range of day-to-day administrative tasks of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to ensure data integrity and the collection and reporting of HR data. Incumbents function independently under general guidance. Fix concerns and non-routine circumstances by identifying the method or action to be taken and interpreting protocols, processes, policies, and practices.

The Employee Relations Manager will promote and maintain employee relations on behalf of the organisation, train and monitor the work of assigned employees, administer timely and positive performance reviews. The Manager analyses the details and data required to identify and assess the cost and policy consequences of agreements and conflicts, including management and union demands, pay scales and salaries, benefits, working conditions, and other mitigating circumstances.

The Alliance Marketer is responsible for adding value to the company by extending its accounts to its business partners. Relationships with these partners must remain well managed and mutually beneficial for both companies. The main objective of the Alliance Marketer is to increase the company's long-term revenue and performance.

The venture capital funds make money by investing in companies that generally have a specific experience or business model in the fast-emerging industries, such as biotechnology, IT, and Mobile Technology. Venture capitalists are experienced businessmen who help raise money and invest in early-stage, high potential ventures such as start-ups. In essence, risk capitalists take calculated risks and have chances whether or not a new business can succeed. 

A Mutual Fund Analyst tracks the debt and equity market to assess the performance of the various mutual fund schemes and gives recommendations based on sound judgment. He/she assists a Fund Manager through research and market analysis so that the latter can make the best investment decisions for the clients.

Public Relations professionals create and maintain a good public image for a business or organisation. They create media, from press releases to social media messages, that form the public opinion of the company or organisation and raise awareness of its brand.

A Brand Strategist discovers ways to upgrade the branding of a product or administration, as well as marketing plan through investigation of current market information and patterns. A Brand Strategist would need to be organized and meticulous to foresee future patterns and achievement of a product or service.

Customer Service Executives usually work to solve customer service problems in the banking, health care, and technology sectors. To identify their needs and answer questions or concerns about company goods or services, they connect with current customers either in person, over the telephone, or via email.

Accountants use numbers and financial statements to paint a picture of the health of a company, organization, or individual. By using their skills in accounting, law, and finance, they analyze profits and losses. They provide information that investors and business owners need to see how a company is doing over time.

Actuaries use their wide range of knowledge in the fields of math and statistics as well as business and finance probability to come up with the premiums of insurance plans. Actuaries work with insurance companies that specialize in many things including life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, and homeowners insurance.

Sales is an exchange of money for products, services, or other goods. In accounting, net sales apply to operating profits gained by a business by selling its goods or services. Sales representatives present and sell goods or services to associations, corporations, or government agencies. They will contact potential customers, present goods and services, answer questions, and negotiate to price.

Business Development can be summarised as ideas, programmes and activities aimed at improving a business. This involves higher sales, improved market growth, growing profitability through the establishment of strategic alliances and taking strategic business decisions. A Business Development Manager manages current business partnerships and builds a customer base.

Copywriters craft texts for everything from advertisements to well-researched articles. They learn about their employer's or customer's needs, help with the brainstorming process, create original material, and can assist with other aspects of the creative process.

The Product Manager is responsible for product planning and implementation, including collecting and prioritising product and consumer specifications, identifying the product vision, and working closely with manufacturing, distribution, marketing and support to ensure that revenue and customer satisfaction targets are met. The Product Manager also makes sure the product supports the overall vision and priorities of the business.

A typical Industrial Psychologist focuses on how societal norms influence the well being of employees, as well as how managerial approaches affect morale. An Industrial-Organizational Psychologist can make recommendations for change in the operations of the workplace, which could negatively affect the mental health of the workers.

Social Media Managers for each social media campaign, devise high-quality new written and visual content, develop a social media presence by maintaining a strong online presence, track the image of the organisation on social media, generate brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers. They also review data to assess if their targets have been accomplished by social media campaigns.

To communicate ideas and information visually, graphic designers use computers or hand-held tools to create posters, websites, logos, brochures, magazines and many other materials. Graphic designers communicate about layout and design with customers, creating a wide range of graphics and layouts for software such as photoshop, product illustrations, company logos, and websites.

Sports marketing is a marketing division that focuses on the promotion of sports activities and teams, as well as on the promotion of other goods and services by sporting events and sports teams. Sports Marketing Managers focus on marketing sports teams, activities and athletes by establishing brand partnerships and creating successful advertising.

Training Managers are professionals who support companies by designing, facilitating and managing training programmes for employees. They identify market needs, incorporate training and growth strategies and promote a wide range of training initiatives that improve the productivity of the workforce.

Marketing Communications Professionals design, execute and manage communications systems that efficiently identify and promote the organization and its goods, including graphics, brochures, business or product fact sheets, logos, or other promotional products.

Payroll Specialists gather employee data, measure compensation, plan paychecks, and process employee payments. They maintain correct records of payroll documentation and expenses, prepare and distribute income statements, respond to payroll-related inquiries, and conduct balance of accounts and payroll reconciliations.

Often known as the Technical Recruiter and Human Resources Specialist, the Recruiter is responsible for recruiting qualified applicants to open positions and evaluating their expertise and experience. The Recruiter stays up-to-date on the specifications of the different positions in the organisation and serves as an advocate for new and existing employees.

A Hedge Fund Manager is in charge of making investment decisions for a pool of capital commonly provided by investors that meet designated requirements for net worth or investment sophistication.

A Chartered Accountant works in all fields of business, finance, and industry to gives advice, audit accounts, and provide trustworthy information about financial records, taxation, business recovery, and accounting systems and processes.

Human Resources Managers oversee the recruitment process of a company or organisation, by interviewing and recruiting of new employees. They help link executives with workers, create an employer brand, boost employee engagement, and build strategic talent resource plans.

The primary responsibility of Healthcare Managers is to foster an environment that can provide necessary and quality health care at maximum profit. They determine budgets, order and receive supplies, administer payroll and benefits, and distribute regular communications.

By increasing brand visibility by industry editors, media workers, and journalists, corporate communications practitioners have to deal with external public relations at the corporate level. To optimise corporate revenues and build value-added ideas for brands, they create, discover, and develop creative initiatives. They also possess strong skills in planning and process orientation.

Intelligence Analysts, analyze information, provide judgments and make recommendations to support decision-makers to take action to mitigate all threats. Intelligence Analysts' knowledge, recommendations and strategies help identify and combat threats.

With a genuine passion for design and creativity, Brand Designers create the visual presence of a brand such as its logo, brochure, manages its social media, etc.

Reputation Management involves the building and promotion of a brand or individual in the online space. This involves monitoring the reputation of an individual or a brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Strategy Managers study companies to identify their strengths, vulnerabilities, organizational success and opportunities. They make decisions on the basis of internal and external factors to reduce risks and build strategies to achieve the organization's long-term objectives.

A Project Manager works on specific projects that have schedules, timelines and budgets. They are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific projects for an organization while ensuring these projects are completed on schedule.

Market Research Analysts help companies decide what to sell, identify clients, services and the promotion of products. They design surveys that are used to help discover potential customers' preferences.

Advertising and Marketing Managers control all the communication between a company and its consumers. They manage internal teams in order to craft promotional messages, and they work to publish media across multiple channels.

Corporate law deals with corporate issues, such as representing corporations, safeguarding the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporate employees with legal rights and duties.

M&A Lawyers ensure that legislation is enforced when a business merges with another company or when a company acquires another company. They may work internally in the business or more broadly, as a consultant in an external law firm. They are familiar with federal and state law and also need work knowledge of, among other items, tax law, employment and labour, environmental law, antitrust regulation, intellectual property, corporate finance and commercial law.

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist (or SEO Specialist) is someone who analyzes a client's website and implements any necessary changes in order for it to be optimized for search engines.

Digital marketing, is a section of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services

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