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Disk Jockeys, also known as DJs, play music videos on radio shows, nightclubs, and public events. DJs mostly work with radio stations offering programmes, talk shows, and chat shows. They ensure that music recordings and commercials are played on time and often communicate with listeners via social media.

Media Relations Specialists are a branch of public relations workers who deal primarily with transmitting information about their companies to the press and media, including newspapers, websites, TV/radio stations, and internet outlets.

Cinematographers, also called Directors of Photography, collaborating with directors and production crews to produce major visual effects for film and TV. To create the atmosphere of the film, they read through screenplays and select suitable lighting, angles, framing, and philtres. Post-production processes often require cinematographers.

The Stage Director determines what kinds of entertainment the crew will bring to the audience as well as who will be part of the production, conducting auditions and practises on schedules. The Stage Director is the ultimate decision-maker on items that characterise the performance, such as the props, the lighting, sets and all the other elements.

For some musicians, choreographers create dance routines. They can work in theatre, film, music or any surroundings in which dancers are present. Choreographers are typically comprehensive in dance, also collaborating with the lighting departments and costume departments and the Artistic Director.

Musicians perform music, record and play a variety of musical instruments. They train in a specific musical genre. The regular tasks of musicians include rehearsing, recording, writing and performing. Television and radio provide platforms for musicians.

Food photographers design and capture stunning and tempting food images for magazines, cookbooks, promotional restaurants and websites. They collaborate with food stylists to give the food the attractiveness and aesthetic beauty it has to offer. They work hard to make their audience search for a dish with the enticing appearance, taste, aroma and texture of their food.

In theatre, film, television, and other performing arts media, actors convey ideas and portray roles. To entertain or educate an audience, they interpret a writer's script. They also discuss their role in improving the show's overall output with the director, producer, and other actors.

Social Media Managers for each social media campaign, devise high-quality new written and visual content, develop a social media presence by maintaining a strong online presence, track the image of the organisation on social media, generate brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers. They also review data to assess if their targets have been accomplished by social media campaigns.

Art directors collaborate with art and design staff in publicity companies and books, magazines, and newsagents to develop designs and layouts. They often partner with theatre, television, or film producers and directors to supervise set designs. Their work requires them to recognize project design elements, encourage other innovative employees, and keep their projects budgetary on time. 

Comedians are entertainers who make people laugh. To entertain their fans, they use a range of methods, such as telling jokes, writing and singing humorous songs, wearing amusing costumes, and performing impersonations. Comedians perform In nightclubs, comedy clubs, coffee houses, theatres, TV shows, movies, and even business events, such as trade shows and sales meetings.

A writer is someone who writes for a living, produces fiction,( e.g.novels, short stories, film scripts, theatre and television scripts) non-fiction (e.g. biographies, autobiographies, web material, and reference books), or poetry. Writers also work as freelancers. Study, writing, reading, fact-checking, adapting, and rewriting are typically important for a writer.

Models endorse, advertise, and showcase clothes, accessories, and other items. They take part in photo shoots, fashion shows, advertisements, trade shows, and conferences as well as pose for sculptors, designers, and painters.

The Community Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining an organization's online voice to create brand awareness within the online community. Managers connect with the online community and respond to comments and questions, evaluate web traffic and related community statistics, and provide community input to relevant internal stakeholders. They participate in networking events or relevant industry workshops.

Often known as record producers and track producers, music producers oversee the whole process in which music is made, produced, and released by bands and performers, and play several roles during the process.

Quality photos are the key objective of a professional photographer. . They set up shots in natural or studio settings. Photographers may have specialities, such as fashion or portrait photography, or maybe expected to photograph several subjects in a variety of environments, depending on the nature of their work. They may also be asked to edit and prepare photos to be sent to clients or publications.

A production director guides and visualises the screenplay or the script and directs the technical team and actors to achieve this vision. The director would have a vital role to play in selecting the members of the cast, the design of the film and all the artistic aspects of cinematic production. A Television Director has several duties and power over many elements, depending on the type of television show.

Makeup artists produce unique looks and encourage faith in their customers. They can work for movie sets, models, designers, a salon, brides, or regular customers. A makeup artist is responsible for changing the image of people physically by making up, painting, and using other accessories. Makeup artists may decide the right material and application through lighting, setting and physical facial characteristics.

Sports photographers use their artistic vision to take pictures of fast-moving athletes through manual and digital cameras during live sports activities. Most photographers use special equipment such as high definition lenses and MSCs. During a sports event, sports photographers take many photos and scan the imagery to select the best photo for publication or sale.

A Media Buyer negotiates, purchases, and monitors the advertising space and airtime on behalf of the client. Media Buyers also play a key role in ensuring that advertising and promotional campaigns reach the highest number of people in a target audience at the lowest possible cost.

Social Media Influencers have major follow-ups on public channels, which they maintain regularly. Influencers in media social are also confronted with offers from business companies. Social Media Influencers need to adhere to all accepted guidelines on sponsorship and to express sincere excitement in every publication and to share obvious links to prescribed websites.

A fashion photographer works for or individually for fashion brands and showcases fashion products and markings in exciting and artistic ways. Fashion photographers generally work closely with fashion designers, fashion labels, and models. Their job is to explicate and shoot photographs, portfolios, and other images that display mode with maximum pleasure.

Entertainment Attorneys help their clients to understand legal agreements, ensuring that the terms are in their clients' best interests. They work with Recording Groups, Record Producers, Songwriters, Music Publishers, Record Label Executives, Music Producers and Composers.

With an eye to improvise, Production Designers use their technical skills and design knowledge to modify an existing product. They create digital or print drawings and design functional products. They have an eye for colour and shape and translate imaginations into practical products.

A cartoonist is an artist who designs animations either manually or with the help of digital devices. This could be for magazines, newspapers, TV and Film studios, video games, comic strips, etc. They deal with animated characters.

A Multimedia Animator creates animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other media. They create two- and three-dimensional models and animation.

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