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Wildlife Conservation refers to wildlife and habitat preservation activities for the maintenance and recovery of healthy wildlife species or populations and natural environments. Wildlife conservationists pay attention to animal habitats and maintain a healthy habitat for the species. Wildlife Conservers also provide information for the public on how to protect wildlife.

Investigative Journalism signifies the unveiling of matters that are concealed either deliberately, by someone in a position of power, or accidentally, behind a mass of facts and circumstances, and the analysis and exposure of all the relevant facts to the public.

The art of writing and describing an experience is what travel journalism is about. Journalists travel to various places, explore them, enjoy different cultures, and share their stories, experiences with the readers. The writings are also like a guide for travellers.

Quality photos are the key objective of a professional photographer. . They set up shots in natural or studio settings. Photographers may have specialities, such as fashion or portrait photography, or maybe expected to photograph several subjects in a variety of environments, depending on the nature of their work. They may also be asked to edit and prepare photos to be sent to clients or publications.

Automobile Journalists, review and report on new cars and motorbikes and keeps track of developments in the motor vehicle industry. They test new motor vehicles and provide honest opinions to consumers through magazines, newsletters, newspapers, websites, and broadcast media, helping consumers make informed decisions about the kind of vehicles they should invest in.

Sports photographers use their artistic vision to take pictures of fast-moving athletes through manual and digital cameras during live sports activities. Most photographers use special equipment such as high definition lenses and MSCs. During a sports event, sports photographers take many photos and scan the imagery to select the best photo for publication or sale.

Food writers write about food and drink. They may report on events related to food or cooking, interview chefs or other food/cooking personalities, review recipes or restaurants, or simply write about a specific food or product. Food writers and editors work for magazines, trade journals, newspapers, books, radio and television broadcasts, and online.

Media Relations Specialists are a branch of public relations workers who deal primarily with transmitting information about their companies to the press and media, including newspapers, websites, TV/radio stations, and internet outlets.

A News Journalist investigates, analyses and reports updates on any current affairs, local, or international events. Journalism is in the form of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, or the internet.

Fashion Journalists report on the latest fashion. Their main job is writing articles, blogs, or other forms of copy for media outlets. The work of the Fashion Journalist may be published in magazines, newspapers, websites, social media channels, blogs, or be shown on television.

Online journalists research and write website content. They may be full-time or freelance salaried employees. They may work for online journals, professional societies, online companies and government agencies. Some writers are volunteers or contributors and are not paid for writing.

Photojournalists, also known as news photos, record news events by taking photos. Their job is to tell a story with pictures. They also compose subtitles or other supporting text in addition to shooting images to supplement each photograph. Photojournalists can create and print or edit films as well.

Food photographers design and capture stunning and tempting food images for magazines, cookbooks, promotional restaurants and websites. They collaborate with food stylists to give the food the attractiveness and aesthetic beauty it has to offer. They work hard to make their audience search for a dish with the enticing appearance, taste, aroma and texture of their food.

A writer is someone who writes for a living, produces fiction,( e.g.novels, short stories, film scripts, theatre and television scripts) non-fiction (e.g. biographies, autobiographies, web material, and reference books), or poetry. Writers also work as freelancers. Study, writing, reading, fact-checking, adapting, and rewriting are typically important for a writer.

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