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Physical Fitness & Sport

Sports marketing is a marketing division that focuses on the promotion of sports activities and teams, as well as on the promotion of other goods and services by sporting events and sports teams. Sports Marketing Managers focus on marketing sports teams, activities and athletes by establishing brand partnerships and creating successful advertising.

Sports Management involves the management of all the business-related matters related to sports. Sports Management involves handling all the administrative aspects of sports teams, sports clubs, athletes, sportspersons, sports venues, and sports events. Sports Management is required at all levels where sports are played.

A Sports Lawyer's job is to act as both a Lawyer and an Agent, representing the legal and financial interests of clients, which include players, coaches, and teams.

Sports Physicians are licensed health professionals who assist athletes and physically fit individuals with rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries. They diagnose, treat, and help prevent injuries that occur during sports events, physical activities, and athletic training.

A Strength and Conditioning Coach is a professional who asseses and aims to improve the performance of atheletes using a medium of exercise. A good S&C coach strives to focus not only on the physical but mental wellbeing of his clients. Being a good communicator and collaborator is key to ensure that your client trusts you to help optimise their performance.

Sports physiotherapists diagnose sports injuries and assist them. They help people improve and inform them about how to prevent similar injuries in the future. They collaborate with top-ranking professionals, as well as recreational players.

Sports photographers use their artistic vision to take pictures of fast-moving athletes through manual and digital cameras during live sports activities. Most photographers use special equipment such as high definition lenses and MSCs. During a sports event, sports photographers take many photos and scan the imagery to select the best photo for publication or sale.

Sport and Exercise Psychologists work with athletes, teams and coaches to improve their motivation and performance. Sports Psychologists work with amateur and professional athletes to improve their mental and physical health, as well as athletic performances, by using goal setting, imagery, focus strategies, and relaxation techniques, among others.

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