Business Development

Business Development can be summarised as ideas, programmes and activities aimed at improving a business. This involves higher sales, improved market growth, growing profitability through the establishment of strategic alliances and taking strategic business decisions. A Business Development Manager manages current business partnerships and builds a customer base.

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Soft Skills

  • Buying Patterns and Trends

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Develops Action Plans

  • Salesperson 

  • Curious

  • Ability to Build a Brand

  • Sets Realistic Expectations with Clients 

  • Agency Business

  • Organizational Communication Skills

  • Technical skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Negotiating skills

  • Collaboration skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Business writing skills

  • Self-motivated

  • Business acumen

  • Flexibility and adaptability

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Professional Man

Yash Agrawal

Corporate Solutions Manager

12 Years of Industry Experience

With wide experience in Strategy & Business development, Yash has collaborated with leading medical orthopedic appliances brand (OPPO – USA) and achieved 5 Million sales with YOY 80-100% growth in the state of Maharashtra. His expertise lies within consumer research, market optimization, brand building, Product growth and Technology.

Professional Man

Bhrugul Patel

Lead - Strategic Account Partnerships

10 Years of Industry Experience

With over 10 years of experience, Bhrugul has contributed to building a foundation for revenue generating verticals at India’s largest food-tech platform- Zomato & fintech Unicorn – PhonePe. He has honed his expertise in Online & Offline Sales, Account Management, Strategy, Institutional & Enterprise Partnerships proving to be a growth catalyst in their journey. He has also worked with tech start-ups & other large institutions like SBI Cards.

Professional Man

Priyanka Sinha

Business Head

10 Years of Industry Experience

Along with her 10 years of experience in Sales Management industry, Priyanka is also a sports enthusiast with a wide clientele in Indian, European and Asian markets. She led corporate sales of BookMyShow with 3x growth each year. Her expertise include Corporate Sales, B2B Marketing, Sports & Entertainment, Event Management, Brand Strategy. She is now the Head of corporate sales and international travel research where she is responsible for operation and strategic planning for events like ICC world cup 2019, T20 World Cup 2020, Asian games 2018, Tokyo Olympics 2019 at Fanatic sports.

Professional Man

Amol Jain

Head of Strategy : Global E&U and Mining Business

12 years of industry experience

A sales and business development professional with extensive experience in the Energy and Resources Industry. Currently Head of Strategy at Tech Mahindra- Amol had expertise in Blockchain, AI Robotic Automation and his views on these topics have also been published on several Industry Forums and Blogs.

Professional Man

Rouhaan Shahpurwala

Head - business and strategy

13 years of industry experience

Armed with the two most important skills- growing businesses and improving client relations, Rouhaan is a veteran business developer.
Currently, acting as Head of Business and Strategy of a startup backed by Mr Tata himself, Rouhaan has previously taken business to over 35 cities in a span of 2 years.

Professional Man

Afraaz Masters


12 years of industry experience

Seasoned product leader with a track record of growing digital businesses (BookMyShow) & verticals from the ground up (m.Paani). Afraaz oversees all aspects of the product development including crafting strategy, building exceptional solutions to complex problems, developing teams, executing to go to market and driving scale. Specialities: Conceptualizing Business Models, Digital Strategy, Viability Analysis, UX Research, Product Management


  • You get a chance to work on many different projects and expand your network further

  • Money is good

  • Opporutnities are constantly growing 

  • You can have a real impact on the business 

  • You will work with passion because it will be directed towards something you strongly believe in


  • Long working hours

  • You have to make a lot of unpopular decisions for the good of the company

  • More pressure as you grow

  • A lot of stress to think strategically but also be a “people-person”

  • You have to make some very difficult decisions


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