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Mentors from the field

Learn about the field . What day to day work would look like . Growth opportunity & prospects . Interview preparation . Transition advise . Networking 

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Current position

Journalist, communist & editor for Hindustan Times, DNA & Nat Geo Traveler. She's covered stories from travel start-ups, communities, gentrification, gender issues, and human rights.


Career prospects & criteria 

Understand the prospects within the career & the education & other skills you need to make it. 


Educational Qualifications

  • B. Des. (Textile design) 

  • B.Tech. in Textile Designing

  • M.A. Des. (Textile design)

  • Advanced Diploma in Textile Designing

  • PG Diploma in Apparel Design

What you need to get started

  • During graduation, take the opportunity to develop a portfolio through work placements and internships.

Soft Skills

  • Creative

  • Resourceful

  • Collaboration with hair and makeup, actors, directors etc.

  • High visualisation skills

  • Interpreting the characters provided in the script

  • Communication skills 

  • An eye for detail

  • Keen on creating and observing trends

Technical Skills

  • Interpreting the characters provided in the script

  • Creating designs by CAD and by hand

  • Awareness of different fabrics

  • Research, Design, Sewing and Drawing costumes