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A cartoonist is an artist who designs animations either manually or with the help of digital devices. This could be for magazines, newspapers, TV and Film studios, video games, comic strips, etc. They deal with animated characters.

Mentors from the field

Learn about the field . What day to day work would look like . Growth opportunity & prospects . Interview preparation . Transition advise . Networking 

Looking for a mentor to guide you. 

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Current position

Journalist, communist & editor for Hindustan Times, DNA & Nat Geo Traveler. She's covered stories from travel start-ups, communities, gentrification, gender issues, and human rights.


Career prospects & criteria 

Understand the prospects within the career & the education & other skills you need to make it. 


Educational Qualifications

  • B.F. A or B.SC/B. Animation and Graphics

  • Diploma Fine Arts/ Diploma Animation

  • M.A. Fine Arts/ M.A. Fine Arts and Painting

What you need to get started

Soft Skills

  • Developing a unique style of your own

  • The skill to communicate effectively just through drawings

  • Ability to attract the reader's attention

  • Use of wit, satire, humour and other themes

  • Being observant of surroundings for ideas and inspiration

  • Good interpersonal skills to interact with editors, clients etc.

Technical Skills

  • Rapid sketching

  • Ability to use a wide variety of mediums such as charcoal, ink, watercolours, digital art etc. 

  • The skill of writing and balancing text and image

  • Human anatomy knowledge for drawing gestures


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