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Paleontology is the field of science that focuses on determining the evolution of organisms and their interaction with their surroundings, through studying fossils. A palaeontologist studies the history and mechanism of evolution by looking at fossils, the preserved remains of long-extinct animals and plants. Using evidence from fossilised bones, ancient pollen, and other clues, palaeontologists dig into the knowledge of past climates and past extinctions.

Mentors from the field

Learn about the field . What day to day work would look like . Growth opportunity & prospects . Interview preparation . Transition advise . Networking 

Looking for a mentor to guide you. 

Mentors from this field might be waitlisted. Put in a request and we'll have to you with the perfect person to guide you.


Career prospects & criteria 

Understand the prospects within the career & the education & other skills you need to make it. 


Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in geology 

  • Masters degree in geology

What you need to get started

Soft Skills

  • Digital Mapping and Data Analysis Skills

  • Communication

  • Scientific Curiosity

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Mathematics and Computer skills 

  • Knowledge of Geography and History

Technical Skills

  • Biology

  • Geology

  • Biochemistry 

  • Mathematics

  • Digital mapping 

  • Data analysis skills


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