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"Failure is success in progress " ~ Albert Einstein

As much as success is all good to talk.

Shashank says that there was a distinct failure also, the platform shut down and amazing learning about  

"why i do things why do i want to do things who am i, All of it."

Our Afraaz says that noticed on Sachins linkedin profile that he has spoken about his failure

Sachin says 

“Today I look at so many people who gave money it was not a lot of money but people give you know five - five lakhs to and they and credit to them at least the policy change happened amazing impact so that's great but the promise to them was more no like we wanted to build something bigger and I look at all of them today and I’m so glad to tell you that they're all friends and collaborators even now “

but one has to be honest, if you run away from failure if you run away from your own limitations you create some warped sense of yourself in life and then you don't really grow you know so you have to come to peace with it in a very big way not just peace come to embrace it as a part of me a part of being an entrepreneur is to fail and fail and fail and that part is very important for you to embrace otherwise you don't even know what you're what you're doing completely yeah beautiful you

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