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'The gut is the human body AI" - Akanksha Hazari

Framework is a structure programme towards being succesful!

In terms of framework Akanksha feels that she’s someone who leaps before she think too much about it, so she wouldn't recommend that as a great framework but to some extent you need a little bit of that you're only going to know once you try, if you don’t try and overthink you will find a million reasons why not to do something and you kind of have to go with your gut in life

If something feels like it's telling you to do it even if all rational thought tells you not to just do it because the gut is like AI for human bodies we don't really know how it comes but it's using a lot of information that we can't rationalise to give us that gut feeling.

She can't think of a time in my life that her gut was wrong so that's something she trusts in like if the instinct is telling her something like go with my instinct even if rational thought doesn't seem to align with it every single time.

People who are at this point in their lives from backgrounds like us like have have so much privilege ,

we're gonna be fine and one should just sit back and acknowledging that our ability to take risk is so high like we are educated, we are healthy, mentally and physically capable.

What is the worst that will happen if you try something and it goes to disaster, YOU’RE GONNA BE FINE as long as fundamentally we are not scared of hard work.

One should also surround themselves with believers there are a lot of people in the world that will believe in you and there's people in the world who will never believe in anyone or anything and she believes that a few things if you have a vision and you really focus on it and you put the work in you can shape your universe, you can shape your destiny and the second thing is surround yourself with who give you similar energy and you should reciprocate it to them the more you surround yourself with dreamers and executors and people like that the more you will shape the universe that works for you as well and I would say cut out the naysayers because honestly that's probably the only thing they're good at absolutely absolutely.

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