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A Mentor demonstrates what's possible

Junaid calls Book My Show his university and call its founders his mentors.

He says that the three founders of Book My Show,  Ashish,  Rajesh and Parikhsit are the three mentors in his life. When he joined he was extremely young and  working closely with all three of them was his best experience. Three of them came with varied backgrounds, Ashish comes with a sales driven marketing and business focus very strategic kind of background, then it was Rajesh who is more from operational, execution oriented background and more into the financial aspect of it, everything he used to assess on the basis of profit and loss because its extremely important for every organisation and then used to be the operational challenge it was a great way to evaluate every situation and then it was Parikshit who was from a technical end trying to understand of how can we do it and  how things can become a lot more faster and simple.

His mentoring happened when he closely worked with all three of them and the longest time of course he worked with Ashish and therefore strategic thinking becomes a lot more critical because every assessment or every situation handling of Ashish was very strategic in nature and he used to really enjoy and love the way those situations were handled and now all those learnings of the mentors have become a part of his play as well so today when he is in a situation or taking a decision about the business he think it's more from the way that Rajesh used to think to say that " okay fine let it be you know from profit loss driven"  then coming to you know operational challenges that you're going to have and what is it you know justifying to the effort that you're going to put in over there versus the technical strength that we have and the strategic outlook.

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