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Goals are fuel in the furnace of achievement

When our Co-founder/ Host Afraaz asked Akanksha about How does she go about planning? and setting 1 month, 6 months, 1 year goals?

She described herself not so structured in terms of 6 months but from a very young age she is very objective and goal driven so if there's something , her goal is to be her personal best at it, she enjoys the pursuit of excellence.

From a young age she already had a list of 20 things that she wanted to achieve in life and even to this day she believes that anyone can do anything they put their mind to, The difference between the people who do it and don't do is that one that people who do it are the ones that define it and set the objective and then put their heads down and work and are very tenacious and maybe don't ever expected it to be easy that's the the thing

“I have never expected it to be easy, I expect it to take a long time, I expect it to be hard but I think that's what excellence requires and I feel rewarded by that process and eventually hopefully you'll get through the goal”

So she had these goals, she still has goals that are like her long term goals but they're not too structured.

She says if one has to look at her career on paper it may have not made any sense to an outsider in her 20's  because she did the Aspen Institute and then she went to consulting in parallel she founded her first venture then she came back to India but if she spoke about it actually it was incredibly deliberate and it was a process of acquiring skill sets that she knew she needed to eventually do the next thing.

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