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Here's how Shashank started his own company, Wilderlust Expeditions

Shashank graduated with a BMS degree and completed his post graduation in IIM, Delhi. During the placements he acquired a job in Dubai. It was his first actual job.

Somewhere he still wanted to do much more in wildlife, so he then decided to do some more research on programmes where he could train as a naturalist, and simultaneously continued working in the family business.

The Jungle Lodges resorts in Karnataka had this sort of a programme it involved a few days of hardcore naturalist training and then you would complete that programme. So Shashank did the naturalist training programme at JLR and got formally qualified as a Naturalist.

Later, apart from nature trails he started taking a couple of friends, a few people on trips as well. 

As much as all of this made sense, Wildlife tourism was always something that had been on his mind. He never did it because he felt that he did not have any unique thing to offer but 7 years later down the line he realised that maybe he did. The moment he came back from Dubai to Mumbai, that's when this sort of amalgamation of whatever he had done, the writing, the photography, the film making, the public speaking all of it came together in forming his own company by the name of Wilderlust Expeditions where he tried to leverage all of these things he learned.

For example, On a Wildlife tour, He is doing a job as a naturalist where he is explaining to them about the jungle, about the wildlife, that's one thing and he also ensures that since many people are not equipped with the skills of photography he took photographs for them. So he would take photographs of them, the wildlife and then turn it into a Digital album for them.

“Then came the film making aspect of it you know what I got this idea from weddings, people

love getting a movie shot of their wedding

why not for a safari holiday so that's when I decided to also make this short movies of

when we actually go on tour and make it like a 5-7 min movie of the entire experience incapsulating

the best moments of it and people are also talking about the experience and that's how

I decided to make the movie bit of it”

Here he applied his film making skills.

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