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How to manage stress?

Stress is defined as the body's natural defense against certain situation or event.

Our host Vinda asked Mithun how to manage stress and work under pressure?

He says it's the ability to be comfortable in being uncomfortable. It’s sports that taught him that when the odds are against you there's another driver within that you use to find higher ground and excel even more on.

"Often when the odds are against you shouldn't feel bogged down you shouldn't feel pressured you know everything has its own risk you're always at risk so put it behind you think clearly think with clarity. "

If we're anxious if we're stressed if we're worried we're not going to think clearly.

You don't need to have the last word, you don't have to get your point through, it is all about you.

It’s not required you're not right, you've got to be at peace with yourself and know that you gave it your best and if you feel that way that's all that matters.

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