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How to measure success?

Mithun, an enthusiast who not only balanced his career transition from being one of the earliest new media designers to heading business development for an international company, but also pursued his passion in sports, fitness, modelling and acting in Bollywood films.

There was a lot that we learned from his conversation.

When our host Vinda asked him what questions did he ask himself to know where does he stand or how to weigh up success ?

He simply said it's always important to have a list of things you want to address achieve. But we never know, like with this pandemic we’re in the month August, something he learned is that 

“Time flies by, we grow older, the clock doesn’t stop “

So he tells us how he sets short-term goals, goals which are challenging yet achievable. Goals that help you stay remained and focused, Because if we don’t pin down the goals we want to achieve, our mind is always thinking up stuff. And until and unless we dont prioritise what we want, neither will we take any responsibility nor will we be accountable.

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