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If you have the ability to make, be infinitely creative!

Sachin, an entrepreneur and a change-maker who aims at re-shaping the legal eco-system of India.

He describes this as ‘The joy of making’

In the past nobody would've access to technology but today one can learn this and make a website.

One can figure out this technology called PHP BB, Bulletin Boards using PHP and integrate a PHP BB bulletin board into the website.

An LST discussion forum which at one point of time had like 22 thousand kids interacting on it about their careers and stuff they ended solving their own problems and you realise the power of community. We used ICQ chat software where way back in 2000

The joy of making that you can be infinitely creative and technology has enabled that,Back in 2000 it was enabling that, it is continuing to enable that the power of making

“ The reason I am emphasising the point Afraaz is once you come into contact with it, its not just technology literacy, you're coming into contact with power

The ability to make something

Suddenly its a machine,

what is a machine, a machine allows Afraaz to do something at 10x of what Afraaz could do without it

Bicycle allows you to do at 3x , A car allows you to travel at 20x , A phone allows you to communicate at

Its a machine “

When he recognised the power of making of something and using machines to have impact to create, it was a beautiful feeling!

so that was great because he was 19, he came into contact with that, saw that and wanted this for the rest of his lives. That was his big defining moment.

“I graduate from law school, I joined a law firm actually because I did not have the guts to leave those good jobs and like middle class family you know

but then it took me a year of doing the law firm in the morning and at night going back and continuing to do LST, answering queries of students and seeing them material

then i mastered up the guts and I told my now good friend and much respected former boss at Amarchand,

I said I am gonna do this, he was shocked, my family was shocked are you gonna become a tuition teacher? because they saw it like that

they didn't see me as an act of self expression my building something travelling to cities establishing centres, meeting students oh what fun I had “

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