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Imperfections make you perfect!

While success isn’t a constant, failure is!

Every journey has its own success and failures, while success motivates us, failures discourages us. Mithun here shares a message with us on how to face failures.

He says that in todays world with technology and social media we're so conscious of our identity and how we all have to strive to be perfect.

"I'm not perfect I strive to be perfect but I'm not but my imperfections make me perfect"

It's again about how we look at things so motivate the people around us but encourage them to feel that

‘Hey you're great at where you are you don't need to be someone else you need to be happy with who you are because if you like who you are you're going to be, Be confident to take this identity forward and nurture and grow it right amazing”

Otherwise we're always looking elsewhere for for inspiration but we’re also cognizant, We are here today something got us to here today so we should be happy, you may say I’m happy but you should feel your happiness you know it should have to be able to feel it correct!

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