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Law is not just about becoming a litigator, but its about becoming a changemaker!

Sachin studied law from NLSIU, Bangalore, we asked him what’s the one thing you learn while while studying law?

That word is RANGE

see we know that if you bring up a child to experience different things, the connections your brain draws the stimulation produces insights perspectives that are truly fresh you produce a very comfortable change oriented mind right now.

You know so many aspire to be lawyers in service but like one thing whether 80 join law firms or companies whatever the truth is when you're entering the colleges 80 percent enter with a very strong public orientation

“I want to be a lawyer I want to be in service of the country”

In some way or the other you could do it through a company or you could do it through litigation. There's a strong public orientation. They come from all different streams arts, sciences, commerce they're not bound by one stream, they enter and they study close to 45 to 60 subjects over the next five years and what happens is you get touched there's no priority, you come back, you keep relating and linking them and understanding them within the structure of law, It sets you, then you have critical reasoning, lot of rigorous argument when you say this there's so much going for it after us so it's vastly understated.

The reason why it's misunderstood is the whole possibility is taken and canned

If you were to recognize what a powerful experience it is, you learn some disciplines of problems of design thinking, problem solving that engineering and and those kind of areas can be integrated systems thinking

“If a lawyer was to recognise that I can get out of this and I can become a change maker because I have a legal education I can do so many different things I could even do that as a litigator but then I won't restrict myself I'll think of the system as also malleable I know how to work within it but I know also how to work to evolve it you know on it exactly on it I think that is the shift that's why it's not such a huge shift subtle shifts but you can unlock a different energy”

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