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Life is not a smooth sail, find your moments, work towards it!

With the current pandemic Akanksha believes Mental Health is very relevant, people right now in the market in general in this pandemic have prolonged work from home, its creating a lot of unexpected social dynamics for a lot of people

The way she looks at is

“ I can see in my own team and other teams people who are physically fit very frankly and I’m not saying everyone needs to go out and be like this amazing athlete but just even doing making sure they're in motion every day going for a walk, whatever are handling things and are in a much better space than people who are inert and basically staying at home and someone another founder said something really well to me to really nice that captures like when we talk about the importance of time and space "

I think as humans we pay too much attention to time and not enough to how much we should move our bodies in space for health and just mental happiness so I think that is one thing again I'll emphasise,

it doesn't need to be sports but I think humans are meant to be in motion and I think being in motion from doing even household chores to be honest to going for a walk will physically make you feel a lot better because you'll get those serotonin and like dopamine hits and that keeps your moods up and then I think after that it it does it is important to find your spaces of mental relaxation and for me an aspect of that is sports but I also love music I play an instrument or I'm reading I love for some people it is interacting with other people like social friends family, I do think screen time is a genuine problem I think it's it's a very easy way to feel like you're relaxing like just flipping on Netflix and zoning out but I think there's like a hidden toll we're playing like a silent toll that's being taken on our moods and how we feel and I actually think like make the effort for it not to like your relaxation ideally should not involve any kind of screen and I think that alone will make you feel better “

The last thing there's enough studies and there's this big Harvard study that showed that the people who have had happy lives have worked on having good personal relationships and whether that's it doesn't always have to be family it can just be friends it can be just being there doesn't mean you have to talk to people every day but you want to share your life with people invest time in those things even if it's a conversation those are the the places that get you through the parts that are tough and this is kind of a more taken on the chin person, to have unrealistic expectations of life so there's a little bit in some people and this maybe this generation or other generations that are like you know life is always supposed to be happy it's not life is hard sometimes and it's okay, life is hard every day is not gonna be great, you work towards it and you find your moments of happiness and you create them and you shouldn’t get too lost in your vision of what you think every day is supposed to be like like roses and daisies and like you know you're supposed to have this amazing house and be on the perfect beach and be flying first class like no like find your moments most days are tough like life is not smooth sailing and if you just calibrate your expectations you'll be a lot happier and more realistic that makes so much.

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