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Make a plan, Take the plunge

Shashank always loved wildlife, but was skeptical about choosing it as a career. 

While speaking to our host Vinda, He tells us about how after 4 years of working he wasn’t just happy, so he decided to give wildlife another try and decided to be patient, trust the process and give it a full go!

So at this point when he was working in the family business he started putting in the sort of preparations to get him to where he was going. He started off with the natural history bit of it, where in a single year he would study a particular category so in one year he would look at mammals, in one year he was looking at birds , one year he was looking at reptiles and amphibians and one year he was looking at insects. Thats how he kept trying to build a year on year natural history knowledge, that was just the level one! 

For the second level he started to cultivate writing, now writing was luckily a sort of skill set which he had already imbibed earlier and was very comfortable writing reports or articles for that sense too.

Writing was a skill set he acquired in school and college, and kind of robustly practised in his educational years. He knew he could write and managed to do a half decent job at it and had the basic knowledge for it!

 Thats how he started with his FIRST professional part in his journey towards wildlife.

“ and I did that and wrote my first few piece, when I was working for my family business

so essentially a part time, something I was do as a hobby as and whenever

I had an opportunity I would write.”

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