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Make good habits and good habits will make you.

Your daily habits predict the long term outcome of your success.

Similarly Junaid talks about a small little practice which is to make your bed every morning this he used to follow as a kid and has becomes a part of his life and how it taught him  stuff. It's very simple and people may think

“hey listen this is not necessary which is making your bed every day in the morning and you know people can just let go and say hey you know that's not important at all you know how does that really add value”

Making your bed every morning teaches to an individual that you’ve completed the very first task in your day and it's a small sense of pride, it encourages you to do another task and pushes you. That's how he looks at it when he make his bed every morning and that's been a practice since childhood and he does it every day. That one piece hasn't changed in him forever, 

The second thing that he spoke about is that it leads to better productivity because it sets a standard of quality and acceptance within you because he firmly believes that if one cannot do little things right you can never be able to do the big things right. That's another way he looks at it because it's a very little thing but how important it becomes in our part of life is more important because only then you know how to make perfection in your other work that you do throughout the day. 

The other thing that interests him over there is about time management because when you wake up in the morning you've got  time ticking and you've got to either leave for school, college or you know for your work but this job takes a few minutes it does not even take up a lot of time of yours, but adding this into your task list helps you to plan and prioritise for the little things in your life and it kind of gives you the sense that where and how do you fit into your schedule of  waking up , getting ready for your school college , setting up your bag or you know having breakfast and then when you set your bed it's a little thing but if you are able to prioritise and fit this in that task list of yours in the morning it's phenomenal.

Lastly he says that in case you've had a bad day one thing that is guaranteed is that you're gonna come back to that same bed that you made in the morning and it again gives an encouragement that tomorrow will be a better day.

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