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No learning goes to waste, It builds your skill set

Certain set of core skill sets that make you a lot stronger across any path that you take. Especially if you're unsure and haven't figured out your large problem statement or at least the second level of it then you should just start training in these because they'll serve you in everything so one is sports, being a squash player some of the biggest things she learned were about winning and losing and training and training through pain and teamwork and leadership. Actually a huge number of skill sets are acquired from sports including grit and tenacity serve you well in all aspects of life, also being overall healthier if you see the most successful people in the world by and large are very physically fit because if you want to build something you have to be physically strong eventually the travel, the stresses, the pressures, require actual physical capabilities of not falling sick and being able to keep up with that pace

Start younger and everyone should do sports and figure out what works for them and get into the habit of physical fitness.

Investment banking and consulting are great things to do early in your career they give you incredible training these marque companies in particular have incredible trainee programs that give you exposure and one of the key things from both these domains is analytics.

Today everyone needs to be able to be quantitatively driven at least at a certain basic level and it’ll give you a perspective for every role we hire from now that's middle and the second part of the interview assignment is an analytical piece of work it's data and number crunching and some kind of modelling you don't need to be a superstar but there is a basic level that you need to be able to work with data.

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