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Non profit organisations v/s Business? Which has more Impact?

When asked in which sector Non-profits or business more impact can be made? 

Akanksha says she's been on both the Non Profit & the Capitalist sides of this.

She believes to have like large-scale impact unless you're a government body like business is overall a much more powerful tool and the key thing is figuring out how to be sustainable within the entire like an organisation or solution that you build so non-profits in majority should move to thinking more from a product and service mindset and try and build sustainability and their objective should be to be sustainable and to scale not to maximise shareholder value. 

That's the middle ground and but there is a need and space for a world where it's completely non-profit and that's where you get into like emergency situations and like safety nets and that's where I think government and institutions play a big role

You need a certain set of institutions and non-profits that really serve people who you know never will have the capacity to even pay a small amount or you could not really monetise such a marginalised group even from ancillary things around them but that's a very specific set of spaces and organisations after that if you really want to scale unfortunately you need capital and this is where a lot of non-profits falter because they haven't figured out how to have sustainability.

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