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Post-Graduation v/s Work

Junaid never completed his post graduation and that was because he felt that he was in a university called Book My Show where he was getting to learn as much as he could and it was in the real place scenarios rather than just  in some school- book scenario so that really changed his perception towards education and he was really not more keen in terms of pursuing higher education but it's out there for the listeners and its important to focus on our curriculum and get our educations in place because it's a competitive field and everybody needs to shine as bright as possible.

“  I also feel that if you're looking for an operational kind of a role just having a degree is not going to help you enough and what matters the most is the experience in hand  because if I have to give you a synergy of any other industry which actually focuses a lot more on experience is you know your airline industry so a pilot is known for the flying hours and is given an upgrade to flight you know various boeings only bases the flying hour that is completed in each of the you know charter boeing and that's extremely important because it's all about handling situations it's about learning  the controls of the system or the processes of a particular play that you are into trying to better in what you're doing because every given scenario will be different “

“ for instance uh you know a scenario of a cricket in IPL the dynamics are very different from a test match operations that you manage versus a world cup tournament that is executed so though the the the the spot is same you know which is cricket but the formats are so different and the operation needs to be fit into the framework of that particular format so if it's a 20-20 you've got only four hours of execution and in four hours you got to wow customers because IPL is not about cricket only it's about entertainment so now it's entertainment you've got all sorts of people coming over there versus a test match is pure cricket only cricket lovers are there at the stadium and the excitement is very different”

These are all integrities that one needs to understand and this will only come in if  you have an experience so interning along with post graduation or as he recommend earlier to do an internship before choosing and deciding for oneself because when you start working in an organisation you actually realise and understand what it takes to run a particular show

It can be marketing, sales, business development doesn't matter it's an option that one should choose on the  basis of their skill sets but before that if you are choosing an education criteria it needs to come more from a background of what is required to achieve and therefore an internship  helped him in his career because he started early at 18 when he was completing his graduation he was able to decide though he did BSC-IT.

He does not code today nor does he think he’s the kind of a person who can actually sit and actually code. He describes himself as not a desk person he likes being with people, handling problems,  solving issues those are the kind of things that gives me high in life but he was able to realize and understand that only because he was in an environment where he saw tech versus challenges and he chose the path of  challenges over coding technology.

Similarly he tells us and the people out there you  should actually pick and choose off by doing an internship because that's gonna help them that's gonna show them a lot of other stuff as well because you got to have your passions extremely high what he would say is that  any sort of  operation job is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty when you have to do that you have got to be very high on your passion and you have got to be mentally prepared that you'll  go the extra mile to achieve what is expected over there.

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