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Starve your distractions, Feed your focus

The first thing she thought was like 

'why am I doing this and what problem am I solving , why do I care about this problem’

Do you care enough now to stick it out for a while because it's going to be hard no matter how obvious the problem is in the world clearly there's some aspect in where you don't in in a way think it's solved yet and so what problem are you solving and even if it's not super articulated or defined that in the how that's okay and then

why do you want to solve it, why does this problem matter to you, and what's that thing that's gonna find its seed of motivation.

The second thing she says is be commited, be wedded to the problem and not to the process or what you think the solution is today because it will look very different two years from now so be ready especially in the early years to be like very agile and fluid to change with information and leave the purpose and the problem statement as your north star and nothing else and don't be afraid of scrapping what you thought was like a year of work and using new information to build something that's better and you're gonna go through this process of building breaking it down and then building it again.

The journey is long and the journey is hard so make sure you care about the problem a lot be really good at selling its another skill set that is very very undervalued or talked about in the education system like analytics the second is in today's world the stronger you are at selling it will serve you well in all aspects of your life.

The ability to sell will serve you in an interview all the way to an investor all the way to a customer, Every founder has to be good at selling.

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