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The art of multi-tasking must become a habit to be enjoyed.

Junaid joined Book My Show as a part-timer he started off by answering phone calls to address customer concerns and to get their bookings delivered, within a month's time he was a star performer because of the number of conversions that were made and that pushed the victory for promoting him to the next level as being the manager for that particular site, that's the journey that started in terms of managing a lot of stuff.

 At Fun cinemas he had a lot of roles to play which were managing the team, managing inventory,  managing cash, reconciliation, reporting to the cinema guys,  reporting to internal head offices so that really developed the his skill for multitasking at that point in time itself because the job demanded more and he tried to fit in himself.

Again making a task list and prioritising is what plays a role in a scenario where you've got to deal with multi-fold stuff and everything may not be your core correct but you got to either develop it to become your code or you got to start focusing and decide upon people or resources that can actually fullfill those tasks at the best of their ability and yet the task can be completed in its hundred percent. 

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