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What makes a career successful apart from Passion?

Shashank obsession with wildlife started in his childhood. Shashank’s very first obsession in the field of wildlife was with Dinosaurs after he saw the movie Jurassic Park, so his uncle bought him various encyclopaedias on dinosaurs and wildlife , he used to watch documentaries on Discovery channel all the time. His parents then took him to his first ever safari to Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand, he was so intrigued that after that there was no looking back!

“The fresh air and sense of adventure, the sheer unpredictability of not knowing what you’re gonna see on the next turn”

as he says.

Shashank’s passion for wildlife grew over the years with those numerous safaris he attended. But to make a career in wildlife as Wildlife Biologist or a Marine Biologist was not well placed in reality as they were not very commercially viable or sustainable. 

Despite everything, he learned and acquired the skill sets and created his own journey towards Wildlife. He made his passion his profession, and shares with us how passion is really difficult to find,

If we know it early in life, then one should look at avenues of developing that passion because passion has to be accompanied by skill development. So, If we really want to do something we have to spend a lot of time to get to a level where we can maybe think of actually converting our passion into our profession.

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