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You don't need all the answers to start moving forward.

A question that has no sepcific answer 


Akanksha suggests 

The first piece of advice or guidance being like don't listen to anyone else because the world is full of naysayers who have a bunch of stuff that they didn't take the leap on and you know most people don't have a strong risk appetite and that's where like you lose the first set of people that are discouraged or people say you know it's not possible, IT’s possible, so start with the fact that anything that you dream of is possible

The second one I would say is you're probably not gonna have the right answer on how to solve the problem I think the first thing is you're trying to figure out the problem you want to solve and that could start at a very high level. For her she wanted to make an impact and then she went through a process of ‘ where is the best place for me to start making that impact, which domain should I be in, where you can have large scale impact and then is also best fit for my personality and what I enjoy doing’

The third level is specifically what is the problem that I'm passionate about and the problem can change over time right you can see with like love local like they are solving a problem for small businesses, Even love local went through its own journey of like figuring out and articulating that problem.

You can have many chapters in life where you pick up different problems and try and tackle them and then you get into the how of like okay for us we're using technology and even that will evolve so the first thing is decide what your larger vision for your life is and use that as kind of your north star and then start breaking the problem down and give yourself grace that it may take time.

“The world over celebrates you know the Mark Zuckerbergs who figured it out like super young and in fact if you read Mark Zuckerberg's story you know he grew up in like a pretty well-to-do family and he was exposed to business when he was 10 or 11 and he had started like entrepreneurship and small businesses at that age so keep in mind by the time he was at Facebook he had 10 years of training in his domain. So as much as the newspapers like to celebrate this overnight success it does take people a long time to figure it out”

The second piece of advice is once you figure out that you want to have an impact the next thing she suggest is to talk to a lot of people and people have a lot of fear of reaching out get mentors, they can be your teachers in your community, your alumni, talk to as many people as you can and do this your whole life.

Read a lot and a lot of the problems you want to solve probably are not documented anywhere so you're gonna have to talk to people in those fields and you can learn amazing amount and that will give you a new set of information so kind of keep moving and then you yourself will start to like figure out.

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