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If you’ve ever thought of a career in journalism but are curious about what it takes to investigate, write and publish a story – this is the right meetup event for you! We have an amazing guest speaker who wants to share how she journeyed into journalism, what she’s investigated and the stories that have broken records.

Get insights into what’s happening in the field of journalism and how it has evolved. Get solutions to real-world problems journalists face when dealing with both stories and everyday life.

We talk to our Rudderly Mentor, Humaira Ansari, about what it takes to break into this field, the challenges faced by journalists and understand better how to become a part of this industry.

Humaira is a highly experienced journalist with 12+ years of experience in the field. She has worked with notable publications like Nat Geo, HT and DNA.

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Date & Time:

October 16, 2021 at 12:30:00 PM


Link details will be mailed to you a couple of days before the webinar.


Know the Panelist / Rudderly Mentor 

Humaira Ansari

Humaira Ansari

Journalist and Editor, Ex-National Geographic Traveller, Ex-Hindustan Times, Ex-DNA from St. Xaviers College and Sophia College


An experienced news and travel journalist who has worked with leading publications such as Nat Geo, DNA and Hindustan Times. She brings, unbiased, real-time news to the public and mentors the youth in doing the same. She has covered some eye-opening stories on gender issues, human rights and gentrification.

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